Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soccer Bag Tutorial

As my little boy was leaving his soccer class a week ago, he wouldn’t stop kicking the ball…even though we had already reached the parking lot…thank goodness for my blood curdling scream that stopped him in his tracks right as a huge black truck was coming along.  Yikes!  He cried and cried that I had scared him but I told him he scared me much worse.  So for a few days I pondered on what I could do to stop him from kicking the ball once practice is over and eureka! I found the solution when I went into the fabric store and found this cute print in his favorite color that just happens to match his soccer shirt.  So I decided to make him a soccer ball bag.  It fits up to full size soccer balls so he will hopefully get many years of use out of it.


Materials needed:

  • two 15x20  piece of Fabric
  • 4 yards nylon rope/drawstring
  • 6 inches nylon webbing
  • thread
  • sewing machine


  1. Cut fabric to 15x20 piecesIMG_2091
  2. Roll top edge 1/4 inch on both pieces and press.  IMG_2094
  3. Sew seam.IMG_2096
  4. On top sides of both pieces roll edges down 5 inches and iron (don’t worry about triangular edge at end of 5 inches.  This will not show in finished product).  IMG_2097IMG_2099
  5. Sew seam.IMG_2100
  6. To make casing for drawstring (on wrong side) fold over upper edge one inch (1”) and press.  IMG_2102
  7. Then sew over seam from rolled edge.IMG_2104
  8. Cut webbing into 3” pieces. Fold each piece in half.  Pin to lower sides of one of the fabric pieces (wrong side)about 5/8 inch from the lower edge.  IMG_2105
  9. Sew securely in place.IMG_2106IMG_2107
  10. With wrong sides together, pin both pieces of fabric together on sides and lower edge. IMG_2108
  11. Sew seam about 1/4 around (for extra security add a zigzag stitch around too).  IMG_2109
  12. Trim bottom corners. IMG_2110
  13. Pull inside out (use bone folder to poke out corners).IMG_2111
  14. Cut nylon rope/drawstring into Two 2 yard pieces.  On one side thread rope  up through webbing from bottom moving up IMG_2115and through one side of the casing IMG_2116over through the other side of the casing IMG_2117IMG_2118IMG_2120and back downIMG_2121 to meet other end of rope and then tie end.IMG_2122one side should look like this when completed…IMG_2112
  15. Repeat on other side.  Both sides view when complete. Trim ends to match.IMG_2123
  16. Congratulations you’ve got a soccer bag!