Thursday, December 24, 2009

12th Day of Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we wanted to thank our “Secret Elves” somehow so we made brownies with peppermint extract and ground candy-cane in them and set them on the porch with a note thanking them.  Their kind gifts they brought everyday really made our first Christmas away from family much more enjoyable as well as fun since we had something to look forward to each night.  That afternoon they left us our final gifts with the note:

“On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Twelve drummers drumming!…”

This story will spread the true Christmas spirit.  Remember the Christ every time that you hear it!


A Star for the Tree..


The book “The Little Drummer Boy”

They also finished off giving us the rest of the figurines for the nativity as well as the book that the nativity came in.  I am so grateful that they shared their creativity and gifts with us!  This was a Christmas we won’t forget!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

11th Day of Christmas

Here’s what was sitting on our porch on the Eve of Christmas Eve:

“On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love sent to me Eleven pipers piping…”

Pipers are scarce so we brought you their kilt, we cut and we tied and we made it a quilt.


It’s a lap blanket…perfect for watching movies as a family with! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10th Day of Christmas

This movie is what graced our doorstep for the 10th day of Christmas along with the note:

“On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Ten lords a-leaping…”

This beautiful ballet is a holiday treat.  Watch these Ladies and Lords as they leap on their feet!IMG_1830

This movie was an interesting surprise.. I didn’t even know there was a Barbie Nutcracker movie (proves I didn’t have a girl yet…).  This actually is now one of Christian’s favorite movies because he loves the prince-nutcracker-solider idea!  Who knew when I let him watch this movie that he’d start dressing up in a cape with his Bermuda shorts and winter boots on waving a sword around…


Monday, December 21, 2009

9th Day of Christmas

This 12 days of Christmas gift was the most surprising:   

“On the ninth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Nine ladies dancing…”

Pop yourself so corn, sit by the fire.  Watch ladies snowman dancing!  You’ll never tire!


I had never seen this show before but it was one of Jared’s childhood favorites.  We watched it as a family for family time.  The only thing was that Christian cried at the end.  I guess all good things have to come to an end.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

7th Day of Christmas

We received a bag with a note on it and a this book in side.  The note reads:

“On the Seventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Seven swans a –swimming…”


We hope you like The Trumpet of the Swan, It’s a book about love and courage; it won’t lead you wrong!IMG_1825

What a great idea!  This is one of our families favorite books.  It’s a little silly but it is the first chapter book that Christian had the patience to listen to and we read it while I was sick in bed in the first few months of pregnancy with Vivian.  It is a great gift!

Friday, December 18, 2009

6th Day of Christmas

“On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me Six geese a-laying…”


We couldn’t find geese, but their eggs might do.  Open each carefully to find something new!


Each egg had a mini ornament in them and it came with a little tree to decorate.



We let Christian put it in his room... so fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

5th Day of Christmas

“on the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me Five golden rings…”


Here are five rings—they taste rather good. They’re not very healthy, but enjoy them.  You should!


The 5th day of Christmas we got five golden…





I am so amazed by their creativity!  Who would have thought up that?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Practical gift for a guy…

So I’ve made my husband something that I think he will really be pleased with…a car organizer.  He goes crazy when things get unorganized and since we’re going to have two kids soon I figured our car may start being more chaotic so this is one of the gifts I’m giving him for Christmas this year.  I took a picture so that he’d figure out what it is!  I hope he likes it!


3rd Day of Christmas

So we got visited again by our “Secret Friend” who is giving us the twelve days of Christmas.  This one made me even more suspicious as to who it might be.  You see, in October we had a Pumpkin Recipe Night for Relief Society and half of the treats had walnuts and/or milk (at least that saved my ever-widening figure from even further girth) so I kept turning down offers of delicious pumpkin offerings because of the ill effects both ingredients cause me and when I cheat I’m so so so sorry for it sooner and later.  Anyway, so I can have pecans which seems weird when they look so similar to walnuts but they really don’t bother me.  Remember those pecan turtles we got on the second day of Christmas?

Well, for the third day this is the note we received,

"On the third day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Three French hens"


"There is no "French" in this Little Red Hen,

Just enjoy this book and bread with your friends."



There was the book “The Little Red Hen” and since you can’t tell from the picture, a darling bread pan with banana bread mix attached to the bottom.  There also was a bowl of warm totally melt-in-your-mouth rolls that Jared and Christian consumed before I could take a picture (I was lucky to get one roll).  It’s amazing to me that a 29-year-old guy and a 3-year-old boy can be such coconspirators when it comes to finishing good food quickly!

The banana bread makes me wonder if it is a certain darling single girl in my ward who I was telling this story to about how Jared and Christian think they are chefs because they love to add “secret ingredients” to whatever they bake when I’m gone.  I was saying how they recently made banana bread that after they put half the batter in the pan, they filled the whole thing up with chocolate chips and then put more batter on top…let’s just say that part one of the batter didn’t adhere really well to part two of the batter and so when you sliced the bread it broke in half width-wise so the presentation wasn’t gorgeous though they both went crazy over it and ate most of it up fast. I personally think banana bread is sweet enough and I like it unadulterated from chocolate chips… at least they’ll cook!  It’s really funny what they make sometimes.

So anyway, having a box of banana bread is really making me suspicious that it’s her.  She is super creative and  teaches early morning seminary so she really likes to have fun so doing something like this seems up her ally…

The figurine included was of the donkey.  The picture’s a little blurry…blame the camera because I retook this shot a few times.


This speculation thing is just way too much fun and I am so touched!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Lucia Day

14On Sunday we celebrated Santa Lucia Day.  It is a Swedish Holiday that celebrates St. Lucy who helped hide early Christian’s in the catacombs of Rome and was eventually burned at the stake for her convictions.  It is said that while she was hiding people in the catacombs that when she would bring them food she made a wreath of candles to put on top of her head to see so that she could have her hands free to carry trays of food for the people.


 Lucia. Photo: © T Buckman/


The Swedish tradition is to have the oldest daughter have a wreath of candles on her head and serve breakfast to the family.  Because we don’t have an oldest daughter capable of such things (yet) we just stayed up Saturday night and made Swedish saffron buns.  They were really delicious, but I can’t believe how much saffron costs!



To me this holiday symbolizes the need to keep your testimony burning bright so that you are able to serve others who made need your help—even if it is not the popular thing to do and you may be ridiculed for your convictions it will truly make a difference to others and it is when we are serving others that we are really serving God.

Cute Santa Cookie Idea

At the Stake Christmas Concert they had the cutest Santa cookies there so I thought I’d take a picture for future reference.  Christian was crazy about these cookies (he loves all things Santa).


They look really easy to make…all you’d need is white frosting, red sprinkles, a marshmallow, coconut, a red hot and two chocolate chips!

sea-shell bracelet

This year in our Christmas drawing, my son picked my cousin, who is a teenager’s name.  I was really excited to give to a girl so that I could give her something fun that is homemade!


Here’s what I came up with!  I really hope she likes it.  It’s understated though fun especially with all of the colors from these beautiful natural shells.

2nd Day of Christmas

Well we were visited again by our secret friends who are giving us the twelve days of Christmas.  This time the note said:

 “On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me Two turtle doves…”

“Last night was pears, this night is “Doves” Share these together with those whom you love.”


Attached was a card with a dove on it and yummy turtles which we really enjoyed.  These were made with pecans so it makes me wonder if this person knows that I can have pecans and that I’m allergic to walnuts…. it could be someone who sat by me during one Relief Society Night who felt bad for me because I couldn’t have some of the treats because they contained walnuts.  That would narrow it down!  We’ll just have to see if they give me anything with lactose…


Also included was this darling lamb figurine.  Forgive my dusty shelf….

This is so sweet of whoever is doing this for us….I hope to do something similar someday so that’s why I’m putting it in my blog… so I remember what they did and have some ideas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 1st Day of Christmas

As we were trying to put Christian down for a nap after Church, we found a note on our porch that reads:

“The Twelve Days of Christmas are coming to you!  Each day on your porch there will be something new.  A gift that relates to the song of “Twelve Days,” And a part of the Christmas story—of Christ whom we praise.  To serve you it gives us such joyous delight, Please enjoy this Christmas spirit each night!”

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me A partridge in a pear tree.”

“Relax, have some fun, let go of your cares.  Snack on these pears while you try to find “pairs”.

There was a basket full of pears with a book of The Twelve Days of Christmas,


and a game of Old Maid.


There also was a figurine from a nativity included


I am so shocked that someone has been so sweet and decided to bring us the Twelve Days of Christmas this year!  I have never been the recipient of the Twelve days of Christmas and I am really surprised that someone would choose to be so generous to us and do such a thing for our family.  We really hardly know anyone in our ward so I’m really wondering who in the world/ward it could be!  Jared and I keep speculating on who it can be…  Whoever it is, they’ve really touched my heart.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Advent Stocking

We celebrate German Advent at our house.  If you don’t know what that is, it is basically the four Sunday’s preceding Christmas where you light a candle on an Advent wreath and say a little poem in German.  The first week you light one candle, the next two, and so forth as you say the poem.  Afterwards, we have a child open a gift of some sort (we usually have it be a book or something about or related to Christmas) and then we have some sort of treat.  It’s a fun tradition that my husband’s family started when they lived in Germany (where my husband was born).  Here’s the poem that we recite.


Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt,

Erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier,

dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür.


Roughly translated it means:


Advent, Advent, a candle is lit,

First one, then two, than three, then four

the Christ-child stands at the door. 


The first year we were married, Jared was very adamant that we “Do Advent”.  I searched high and low for an Advent wreath to buy.  I actually ended up thinking I’d have to create one myself and found one at JoAnn’s that came equipped with candle holders and everything.  So, basically, anything Advent always interests me when I’m looking at new ideas of things to do.  I love the Christmas Advent Calendars that “countdown” until Christmas (It might just be my love of Chocolate).  But I found this fun stocking pattern for an Advent stocking and had to try it:




This is from the book:

The Ultimate Christmas Book: Over 240 Holiday Craft, Food and Decorating Ideas by Editors of Reader's Digest

The Ultimate Christmas Book: Over 240 Holiday Craft, Food, and Decorating Ideas

It’s a really great book with all kinds of ideas for Christmas and even New Years including gifts you could make (that don’t look home-made.  I love it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sea-Blue Bracelet

      I saw these beautiful sea-blue beads on Saturday while at Michael’s and just had to try making a bracelet that reminds me of the color.  It reminds me of something that one would wear walking along the Caribbean sea or somewhere just as tropical.  This is one of the most flattering colors because of where it is on the color and one of my favorite colors.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Costumes Plus

11After some convincing (okay begging) from my son, I broke down and made him a musketeer costume for Halloween.  I also made some extra pieces to go along with the doublet and breeches of his musketeer costume so he could dress the part when he plays prince.  When I finished my son’s costume, my husband thought it would be really cool to have us all go as musketeers since this is the last year there will only be three of us.  I agreed that this would be really fun though I had my reservations at making yet two more costumes.  Well, since my husband was willing to fit the bill, I made two more hats as well as two more tabards.  I didn’t make all of the pieces such as the doublet or the pants but I felt like it still turned out quite cute.


Christian the Musketeer… 




Prince Christian…

 Copy of IMG_1313



The Three Musketeers…



I think they turned out well…though I feel like I look like “the brains of the operation” with my big belly.  So, technically, there are 3 2/3 Musketeers in the picture…

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lavender Little Girl Dress with a Little Detail

A year after my back surgery, I told Jared that if he wanted to have kids, I would need a sewing machine.  I just felt like if I was ever to have a little girl I would want to make dresses for her.  So he took me over to this special they were having at Big Lots on Necchi sewing machines with all metal parts and bought me one.  I love my sewing machine and I’m so excited that now I am actually going to have a little girl to sew for!  I decided to practice my sewing skills and made this little dress for my friend’s daughter since she’s in a bit bigger size and sometimes bigger is easier than smaller.  My favorite thing about this dress is are the little fux pearls I added to the already darling trim.


It’s all in the details!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Red Crafter’s Apron

After the ease of making my purple crafter's apron I decided to try it with a contrasting pocket.  I made this out of a pillowcase that I got for my wedding but never had anything (sheets or otherwise) that matched. Then I found a fun scrap of red with white polka-dots.  This reminds Jared of Mini Mouse but I think it’s pretty cute and kind of has a vintage feel with the dots.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Newborn Baby Bracelet

When I made the green bracelet a while ago I cut the cord a little too short so I decided to make an infant bracelet.  The standard size for infants in 4”- 4.5” so I just made it 4”.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Emerald Green Bracelet

So I’ve been dabbling with the idea of making beaded jewelry since I was in community college (about eight years ago) when my good friend Kara was taking a jewelry making class and we would take trips to various shops that sold beads.  About a year ago I saw these green beads that I just fell in love with the color.


I made this stretch bracelet for an adult.  It’s 7” long which I guess is the standard adult size for a bracelet.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Darling Baby Bibs!

I love these baby bibs…These are some more things that I made using ideas from the the book “Sewing Projects in an Afternoon” by Susan Mickey.  These are nice because they are actually thick enough to ensure that what the baby is spilling on themselves is not going to soak through (if you can bear for your baby to wear these while eating).  The bunny is probably the best for eating in because it is actually all made of terry cloth in the front which will keep it nice when washed.  I’m not sure how the fleece on the bear and duck will do.  Next time I hope to find a larger variety of terry cloth colors…or I’m just going to have to buy towels to make these with!

  February to May 047  

White bunny on yellow

  February to May 052 

Yellow duck on white

February to May 053

Brown bear on purple

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sleep Mask and Neck Pillow

One of the best books I’ve ever found to help the beginning sewer advance their skills at a quick pace is called “Sewing Projects in an Afternoon” by Susan Mickey.  This book is incredible and I love, love, love it!

 Sewing Projects in an afternoon

The instructions are straight forward and the projects are pretty much classy things that you wouldn’t mind having…rather than some of the what I call “country cottage” projects that some books have that just are not very elegant let alone functional.  Once you’ve done a few of the projects in it working from beginner and up your skills will have advanced to a much higher level.  The glossary in the back is wonderful and has all kinds of tips and how-to instructions such as “How to Make your own Biased Tape”.  Which I had a difficult time finding anywhere else.



I spent maybe two hours all together on this project but I think it’s a lovely gift for someone that you know needs to relax but you don’t want to give them yet another lotion or body butter set that is going to be placed in a drawer and never used.  The best thing is that you get to choose the materials that you think best suit the person that you’re making it for to match their taste and personality.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

The question of what a good homemade gift would be for a man would be.  I really enjoy the process of making a gift for people that I love and care about… Usually it gives me a lot of time where that particular person is on my mind for quiet a chunk of time.  Men in general are the most difficult people to create things for unless you are very intimate with them and happen to know their size and have some idea of something they may need (such as a shirt).  However, I figured out that monogrammed handkerchiefs are quiet a classy gift and also don’t take up to much time.  Besides they’re one size fits all which is even better!  I made some for my FIL one year for Christmas while he and my MIL were on their mission to the Freiberg Temple.  He told me a while ago that he still uses them all the time. Here is an example of set that I made for my younger brother recently that I intend to gift him (among other things) for Christmas.  It cracks me up that his initials spell “Mr. B”.


How I made it was to first find a font I liked from my word processing program and printed them out in the size and spacing that I wanted.  Then I placed the paper under the hankie in the location I wanted the letters and took a disappearing ink pen and traced the letters (the great think about these pens is if you make a mistake you can wait for a while (about 24-48 hours) for the marks to disappear or just wash the item with a little water and voila it’s off).  Then I did a trailing stitch because it’s more raised than some of the others.  This stitch is accomplished by split stitching along the lines and then working in a line of closely spaced satin stitches over them.

I personally think these look quite nice…I hope my brother does too.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crafter’s Apron

My friend Jen was really excited about a website that had lots and lots of links to various patterns of vintage aprons on it—most of which are free.  So she sent me the link.  I really am hoping to try a lot of the various patterns for aprons because they are something that is functional and can have it’s own theme or match that of the room you use them in and be a decorating element.

I found this cute multi-pocket craft apron pattern from

I love it!


It’s really fun.  They show it in a different color for each piece to use up scraps…but as I don’t have that many pieces of scraps that are big enough and/or go with each other, I decided to just go with this sparkly purple material I’ve been hording for the past year and a half…I had no real use for it except to do a chain quilt…that I never got more than one other set of squares from…but I really like this sparkling stuff. 

The pockets are my favorite element because think of all of the things you could put in them while you’re working on a project and be able to have them close at hand without spreading them out on a table or something that your climbing children can get at.  I made the thinner pocket exactly the right size for a pair of sewing scissors and when they’re in it you can’t see them—another great feature for those of us with young children.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

LDS-themed Busy Book

Busy Book Update

I have spent a remarkable amount of time at home lately and I’ve gotten back into the swing of sewing more lately since there’s really not much else to do in my tiny apartment.  I finished the last of my church busy book pages this morning and thought I’d take pictures before binding them into the book and it’s trickier to keep them flat than it already is.  I got a lot of my great LDS-themed ideas from Mormon Chic’s article on making your gospel themed quiet book.  If they’re my original idea though I’ll let you know.  The most common difference in what I have done is to add a scripture reference so that older children can practice looking up scriptures and finding answers to questions which is a good literacy skill.  If anyone is interested in the templates I used, let me know and I can email them to you since I had to make most of them up and that took a lot of the time of planning out the pages.

Here they are!

Page 1 Noah’s ark

I’ve made little animal matching cards by using the clipart on my computer and then laminated the cards and placed in the zippered pocket.  The darker picture is easier to see the embroidery (what was I thinking?)  but that was taken before I added a title and the lighter it’s easier to see the texture.  I guess I can’t win.



I found these that you have to iron on before you’re finished don’t bleed like the other fabric markers at the craft store.  Plus, you get more colors for your dollar since they are $5.79 here Crayola Fabric Markers and the other brands that I bough ranged from $1.50 each up to $3.99 each which is a pain if you like color. 

I used their markers for the text and their Crayola® Fabric Crayons - 8 Ct.fabric crayon’s for the color of the sky earlier.  I wish I’d found the markers when I’d found the crayons just because they are a lot easier to keep the color even with.

Page 2 Time to Pray

Here is my “learning the clock” page I reinforced the hands with fusible backing to make them thicker.  These words and numbers were done with the more expensive fabric markers but for some reason they were much more difficult to keep from bleeding and not be so light that it looked sloppy. I actually had to try a few different clock faces before the numbers didn’t bleed too much.


Page 3 How Much Tithing?

This one’s idea was taken from the Crafty Chic: Quiet Book as well, but I thought it would be better to show how minimal tithing is in comparison to all of the rest of what you have and what better way then using something visual!  So I tore apart an envelope to figure out the pattern for the envelope and then sewed the rest of the coins onto the page and only have the “1” removable.  I wish I had found some gray for the envelope since that would have seemed more like a tithing envelope.


Page 4 Braid Queen Esther’s Hair

This is my take-off of the original busy books’ I’ve looked at “braid the hair” page.  I crazily embroidered her hair in with a huge needle which gives it somewhat of the appearance of cornrows or tiny little braids.  I also went a little nuts and beaded jewelry for her (her dangling earring is flying in the picture).  She is one of my original ideas and one of my most favorite pages.


Page 5 Tree of Life

This idea is just like the “apple tree” pages of other books and is also from the same article.  The thing I did differently was to add the scripture reference and I decided that since the fruit represents the “love of God” that I would make them heart shaped.

IMG_0008 IMG_0007

I used my favorite markers for the text here since they are so much easier to control.

Page 6 I Love to See the Temple

This is from the gospel quiet book article.  So you can go there for info on how to put it together.  It’s one of the cuter pages and I love how the temple turned out.  I used fabric paint to make the angel gold but I warn you, if you haven’t tried this stuff before practice for a while (it’s trickier on felt than other things because of the texture).


Page 7 My Family Can Be Together Forever

This is another one of my own ideas.  I realized that fabric transfers like the ones from Avery are really quite easy to use once you’ve tried them a couple times. For some reason, the T-shirt ones seem to work better on broadcloth than other materials though they are also fine on felt (they can tend to roll or pull off more easily on felt though so be careful).  I just attached cotton to fusible interfacing and then added the fabric transfer of our most resent family photo.  Then I cut our photo like a puzzle and edged it with fray-check to keep the edges of the cotton together.  I backed the puzzle pieces with small pieces of sticky backed Velcro (hooked side).  The dark green for the frame is felt and the Velcro attaches pretty easily to it without being too tight.  I figure that since this part was so easy, it won’t be so hard to change the picture as the family grows through the years and then I can put the various puzzles that have been used in scrapbooks.


Page 8 Search the Scriptures

This was another one of my own  ideas when I was trying to think of a way to teach buckles. So I thought of the old-fashioned scriptures that used to have some kind of buckle on them.  This is the middle page so I decided to have both pages relate to each other so if you open the book it relates to the next page.




Iron on transfers were used here so that the words would be clear and readable (hopefully for years to come).

Here is where pieces of the next page are stored so they don’t get lost.

Page 9 Put on the Armor of God

This was another of my ideas.  I thought at first of doing a missionary but then I realized that just getting children and youth to realize that it can be a battle to keep their lives clean in order to be happy is the most important goal.  So I thought of the Armor of God concept that one bishop in my youth used the example of and dressed up a youth in armor that he had made.  So I thought, “why not dress up a paper doll?”  I’ll tell you, finding a paper doll boy that’s not dumb looking is a pain.  Here is the best I found for the armor and the boy.  Nicely enough it’s actually for a sharing time idea so it’s pretty cute and concise unlike some of the other things I found about the “Armor of God”.  It is made to be pretty tiny so I photo-shopped my life away for about three days to make it look nice enough and not so grainy at the proper size so here and then did pretty much the same steps as I did on the “Families Can Be Forever” page to make the pieces with an iron-on transfer.  Man I love those transfers!


I sewed tiny pieces of the soft side of Velcro and then used the sticky Velcro on the back of the pieces for the armor.  Since the example showed the labels I thought they would be a nice addition to the page just to remind children of the important values to keep strong from the world.


Here’s my little guy with his armor on.  I hope my own little guy will think that he’s cool enough to emulate throughout the years.

Page 10 Lift Up Your Voice

This is also from the Mormon Chic article.  I cut out my notes from felt and stuffed them with fluff to make them solid.  I still used their cute idea of the yarn so that you can slide the notes from one side to the other.  My little guy thinks it’s great that I know what the “melody” sounds like each time he changes the order of the notes.  Too bad Jared won’t be able to entertain him with it in the way.  I guess he will just have to learn how to sight-sing!


Page 11 Faith in Every Footstep

This boot was a huge pain to find an example for.  I really didn’t like the examples in other busy books so I finally found a good perspective from a picture of  Kirsten the American Girl off of Amazon.    So I blew it up to giant proportions and then cut it out in decorators vinyl (which I still have quite a bit of).  I did the eyelets with the help of my new toy/tool a crop-a-dial that is for eyelets from size 1/8” to 3/8” and snaps as well (which I actually haven’t tried).  It was amazing how incredibly easy it was to use this.  I got it from Joann's with one of their great half-off coupons so it was only about $15 and well worth it.  I used a piece of leather I’ve had laying around for a while for the laces since it seemed more “authentic” looking.  If anyone would like me to give them a shoe cut-out of vinyl with eyelets I’ll do it for a $1 + shipping.  The sewing in was the most difficult part since my machine is crazy with the guider which makes stretchy material bunch on the top.  So I’m glad I started at the top left corner so that by the time I got to the end where it started bunching it was where most boots bunch a little—right above the heel.


Page 12 Children All Over the World

This page was my own idea.  I love the song “Children All Over the World” from the Primary songbook.  I did an iron-on transfer of a clip-art picture of the earth and then stuffed it a little.  I got the darling little finger puppets from my local  Ten Thousand Villages.  They were a little pricey but since the profits go directly to the artisans rather than them getting a huge cut, I always feel a little better about spending my money there.  I went a little crazy with attaching these little guys and have a long ribbon sewn to the bottom of them and then a ribbon to tie around their waists when it’s time to put them away so they’re not flying everywhere.


Page 13 The Word of Wisdom

This one I got the idea from another busy book I’d seen before and then the Primary Partners CD I have had something similar.  So, I used the healthy and unhealthy things from the Primary Partners and then did my own fridge (out of felt) and garbage can (out of some leftover costume material) and sewed Velcro on the front of the page and in the fridge to (hopefully) reduce losing pieces.  I’m so glad I thought to look in my Primary Partners CD for this one since the first busy book I saw with this idea they where all hand-made out of felt and embroidered.  That would have taken FOREVER!  This way it was pretty easy.


Page 14 Choose the Right

This is pretty straight-forward.  It’s the same basic idea as the one in the Mormon Chic article and I thought it would be nice to have something that takes a little more time to do (such as writing or drawing).  It’s kind of corny but my little boy loves this page and that’s what matters.


Page 15 Write a Note

This is from some other busy books I’ve seen.  I love the mailbox with the flag (probably because I’ve never actually had one).  So it’s appealing to me.  This was pretty easy once I made up the pattern and set the brad.  I did have to reinforce the flag with fusible interfacing so it would be strong enough.


Page 16 Lets Be Together Forever

I took this directly from the Primary Partners CD-Rom that I already had and just did it on an iron-on transfer.  They have some really great ideas.  If you’ve never bought Primary Partners products before, I recommend leafing through their books at the store and then buy the CD-Rom since you can manipulate the sizes and some are colored and some are black & white (as long as you have a printer of course).