Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Lucia Day

14On Sunday we celebrated Santa Lucia Day.  It is a Swedish Holiday that celebrates St. Lucy who helped hide early Christian’s in the catacombs of Rome and was eventually burned at the stake for her convictions.  It is said that while she was hiding people in the catacombs that when she would bring them food she made a wreath of candles to put on top of her head to see so that she could have her hands free to carry trays of food for the people.


 Lucia. Photo: © T Buckman/


The Swedish tradition is to have the oldest daughter have a wreath of candles on her head and serve breakfast to the family.  Because we don’t have an oldest daughter capable of such things (yet) we just stayed up Saturday night and made Swedish saffron buns.  They were really delicious, but I can’t believe how much saffron costs!



To me this holiday symbolizes the need to keep your testimony burning bright so that you are able to serve others who made need your help—even if it is not the popular thing to do and you may be ridiculed for your convictions it will truly make a difference to others and it is when we are serving others that we are really serving God.

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