Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy Book—Preschool Skills

I finally finished my “preschool skills” busy book. It kept getting pushed aside for other projects but after seeing it on my “projects pending” list for WAY too long, I finally gave it top priority and finished it in a couple of days. Here it is in all its homemade glory!


I did the cover in this cute understated material that contrasts with the cover of the other busy book that is still colorful and fun.  I love the snap closure because it makes it less likely to “drop” its contents.



Alphabet pages

I wanted to use these cute buttons I found for maybe $1 on a Joann’s Clarence rack.  So I had the brilliant(?) idea of using them as the labels for my shape pages.  I traced cute pictures onto white muslin and then afterwards realized that iron-on transfers would have been soo much easier…oh well, you live you learn.

IMG_2419  IMG_2420

IMG_2421   IMG_2423


Shape Page

This was a fun page to create though (of course) now I have even more ideas that I could have used.  This is one of Christian’s favorite pages, I think it’s great that he knows what a parallelogram is!



Number pages

This is very similar to the alphabet pages except that this one is numbers.  I found some very cute brads from Oriental Trading Company that I used for the “tallies”. It would have been nice to have this ready a couple of months ago because Christian is quite good at recognizing numbers already.  It will be useful when Vivian is ready for it.



Addition page

This idea was taken from one of the many other busy books I looked at online when I was trying to think of ideas for my busy books.  Yes, there is a stain on it from fabric markers leaking when a certain three-year old was drawing on a paper above this.  This is my least favorite page but it’s pretty fun to watch Christian figure out the sums.  Plus it does familiarize him with math notation at a young age so it won’t seem quite so foreign when he first sees it in school.

 craft 001


What’s the Weather?

This came from my memory of a chart that my mom had on the wall for years in our playroom.  It was always fun for me when I was small to look outside and figure out what the weather was for the day and mark it with the hands.  I think that the idea originated from the Joy School manual. It’s my done in my own scribble with fabric markers so I’m sure it could be much cuter.  


craft 002


Season and Calendar pages

This is the page that was the most intensive to put together.  I had caught on to the iron-on transfers by the time I reached this page so that wasn’t the problem.  It was the bazillion squares that needed to be sewn around.  So basically I put it away and hadn’t pulled it out for a while.  Guess what though? It really wasn’t that bad.  I sometimes get so intimidated by things that really are not so terrible once you get into the swing of things.  I did myself a favor with this page though and bought the sticky backed Velcro rather than sewing it on…it just worth my sanity to do that many squares! This us by far Christian’s favorite page. Of course, it is the most advanced page and much more on his level so that accounts for it but it’s pretty fun.  All the pieces on the Seasons page are pretty much movable except for the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn labels.  I thought of doing it by the year but I felt that learning the seasons and the months in them was probably more easily grasped for preschool age children.  It’s funny what interests kids because Christian has a blast just putting the numbers in order starting with the one on a different day.



Tick-Tack-Toe Game page

Here is Jared’s favorite page.  Funny huh?  He keeps trying to talk Christian into playing Tick-Tack-Toe (rather than Life which is the game Christian always wants to play) with him.  I think it’s hilarious.  As you can see, I made it with my boy in mind who’s favorite everything at the moment is green… I did a survey the other day for Fisher-Price and I was supposed to ask my child what picture they liked best.  Of course he picked the picture with the most green.


I’m so glad it’s finished.  It would have been nice to have finished it last year for a 3-year-old but it still is entertaining for a 4-year-old.         

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