Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crafter’s Apron

My friend Jen was really excited about a website that had lots and lots of links to various patterns of vintage aprons on it—most of which are free.  So she sent me the link.  I really am hoping to try a lot of the various patterns for aprons because they are something that is functional and can have it’s own theme or match that of the room you use them in and be a decorating element.

I found this cute multi-pocket craft apron pattern from

I love it!


It’s really fun.  They show it in a different color for each piece to use up scraps…but as I don’t have that many pieces of scraps that are big enough and/or go with each other, I decided to just go with this sparkly purple material I’ve been hording for the past year and a half…I had no real use for it except to do a chain quilt…that I never got more than one other set of squares from…but I really like this sparkling stuff. 

The pockets are my favorite element because think of all of the things you could put in them while you’re working on a project and be able to have them close at hand without spreading them out on a table or something that your climbing children can get at.  I made the thinner pocket exactly the right size for a pair of sewing scissors and when they’re in it you can’t see them—another great feature for those of us with young children.

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