Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

The question of what a good homemade gift would be for a man would be.  I really enjoy the process of making a gift for people that I love and care about… Usually it gives me a lot of time where that particular person is on my mind for quiet a chunk of time.  Men in general are the most difficult people to create things for unless you are very intimate with them and happen to know their size and have some idea of something they may need (such as a shirt).  However, I figured out that monogrammed handkerchiefs are quiet a classy gift and also don’t take up to much time.  Besides they’re one size fits all which is even better!  I made some for my FIL one year for Christmas while he and my MIL were on their mission to the Freiberg Temple.  He told me a while ago that he still uses them all the time. Here is an example of set that I made for my younger brother recently that I intend to gift him (among other things) for Christmas.  It cracks me up that his initials spell “Mr. B”.


How I made it was to first find a font I liked from my word processing program and printed them out in the size and spacing that I wanted.  Then I placed the paper under the hankie in the location I wanted the letters and took a disappearing ink pen and traced the letters (the great think about these pens is if you make a mistake you can wait for a while (about 24-48 hours) for the marks to disappear or just wash the item with a little water and voila it’s off).  Then I did a trailing stitch because it’s more raised than some of the others.  This stitch is accomplished by split stitching along the lines and then working in a line of closely spaced satin stitches over them.

I personally think these look quite nice…I hope my brother does too.  

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