Saturday, September 12, 2009

Darling Baby Bibs!

I love these baby bibs…These are some more things that I made using ideas from the the book “Sewing Projects in an Afternoon” by Susan Mickey.  These are nice because they are actually thick enough to ensure that what the baby is spilling on themselves is not going to soak through (if you can bear for your baby to wear these while eating).  The bunny is probably the best for eating in because it is actually all made of terry cloth in the front which will keep it nice when washed.  I’m not sure how the fleece on the bear and duck will do.  Next time I hope to find a larger variety of terry cloth colors…or I’m just going to have to buy towels to make these with!

  February to May 047  

White bunny on yellow

  February to May 052 

Yellow duck on white

February to May 053

Brown bear on purple

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