Thursday, December 30, 2010

Making Plans…

I haven’t been too crafty as of late….well, at least that anyone would notice, mostly I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, mopping 1,400 plus square feet of tile, painting, organizing,cleaning, vacuuming, and mothering two children…that’s all.  I really need to get my craft room into a state where I actually can get all of the boxes off of the ground and I can actually get some projects done.  Believe me, I have plenty. 

I need to make some kind of black-out curtains for each of the kids’ rooms (and mine if possible), refinish chairs, a bed, a nightstand and a table, make pillows for the loft and figure out what colors I want the other rooms in this house to be.  I hate, absolutely hate the color the main floor is and I can’t even figure out why I hate it.  It looks okay in some lights but it seems like a muddy dingy brownish-yellowish kaki in most lights.  I don’t mind it in the morning but I hate it by nightfall.

I have gotten a couple of things done so far.  Besides painting the loft a lovely shade (or two) of green, I painted the nursery and the downstairs powder room. I also did hold a cookie exchange (where I completely forgot to take any photos at).  It went pretty well I thought.  Even if the main level of our house lacks much furniture and echoed like crazy as children ran around and adults visited.  I had great fun myself.  We did pasta on the menu.  I made penne, linguini, and angel hair and had marinara, pesto and alfredo, as well as meatballs, roasted squash with tomatoes, steamed broccoli, salad and other veggies to munch on.  I even tried making a fruit punch drink which resulted in my teaching one of my friends that the best way to get fruit stains out of a white shirt is to pour boiling water over it while it’s still wet.  It is almost magical how it works!

Of course, I had too much food and we ended up eating the same thing or a variation of for about a week.  I learned that Spaghetti noodles cut work great in chicken noodle soup…so good in fact that my son even wanted the leftovers for breakfast the next day. :D  We also pulled off a birthday party for my daughter in Utah when we were there for Christmas.  Which took a bit of extra planning on my part.

I am so looking forward to the New Year.  I want to finish lots of projects, make my home a place of peace and rest.  A comfortable place where my kids would rather be than at the neighbor’s house :). A real home that my family and even my friends want to be.  That is my goal for the New Year.  To be a better mom, wife and housekeeper.  It’s not the most glamorous goal but that’s what it is!

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