Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Organizing all those clips…

As my daughter is growing out of being a baby and more into a little girl *sigh*, she is also accumulating more hair.  Her hair is pretty curly so if I don’t have a clip in it, it’s basically a guaranteed disaster of knots, tangles and frizzes.  Being totally straight-haired myself, I’ve never experienced the joy of having to tame my tresses.  In fact I’ve always pretty much had to do a lot to get more body and volume.  Anyway, I digress….IMG_8291

Yesterday as I was looking into the messy abyss of my daughter’s hair item drawer the thought occurred to me that she needed “containers”.  The whole “office drawer divider” thing was NOT working because for some reason rubber bands crawl, clips creep, and bows bounce around in drawers.  I needed containers with lids.  So of course, I hopped online and pulled up lists and list of various storage containers….and then I was hit over the head with a thought: “I have little containers with lids.  Lots of them!  In fact, my husband was trying to get me to throw them out just two days ago when we were renovated our pantry (more on that later).”

What were these little containers you ask?  Baby-food containers of course!


Gosh, I love it when I come up with free solutions!

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