Friday, January 6, 2012

Ladies Only: Craft Night!

With the exception of December, I’ve been holding a craft night on the third Friday since school started.   It has been a really fun excuse to get some girlfriends together and just work together on our many projects.  I’ve also had fun thinking of different ways to “tweak” my spread.   Here are the different months of what my spread looks like.  August is the first month and I went a little nuts with the food and had so much left-over that I have since scaled back on the treats. Winking smile












I really love having an excuse to use the season as a theme for an “event”.  I’ve just had the ladies bring their own projects that they need to work on, but I’m wondering if I should have the option of a pre-designed craft for those ladies who don’t think that they are as “creative” (though we all know that’s not really true).  What do you think, would you rather go to a free-for-all craft/scrapbooking night or something where a specific craft is taught?

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  1. Wish I could come! :)
    I think a free for all night would be better for me, but I can see your point that some people might be more comfortable making something that is already designed. If you did that, though, would you have them contribute for supplies? It could get expensive if you were supplying the materials, too.