Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Got a double-dipper?

Now that my husband is coming home about an hour and a half later than he did last year, I have had a really difficult time waiting for him to have dinner before my kids want to eat.  I have read quite a few studies on the importance of “family dinner” and my husband is more insistent on family dinner than I am (probably because he’s not home waiting for one person to come home in order to have said dinner).  I have started giving my children healthy munchies before the meal and that has seemed to help a lot.  One annoying thing has been that when I serve a dip (which in most cases is ranch dressing since I have a little addiction) my 4-year-old double-dips and drives me absolutely nuts!

Thankfully I had an epiphany and realized the best solution for such things:IMG_7143 Use a plate that has individual sections designed for kids who don’t like their food to touch!  Then you just designate who gets which section.  No more worries about excess saliva ruining the consistency of my dressing!

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