Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Safe-Keeping for Next Christmas…

Every year on the four Sunday’s proceeding Christmas, we celebrate “Advent” which is a German holiday where we light a candle (first one on the first Advent, two on the second…etc).  We enjoy singing carols and then we like to have a special snack or treat.  In our family, I made it a tradition to give the children who are present, a gift to help them feel the spirit of the season….which usually ends up being a beautifully illustrated book.

As I have so many seasonal books, I have been looking for either a crate or something to keep them in so that they are more special when I pull them out along with the decorations.  I was so excited last night when I found this beautiful big, square, basket; even big enough for the largest books!IMG_7141

This is now going in my closet where the temperature is controlled (an important thing when storing books) and where little hands and eyes will forget about them for about eleven months and they will be more magical because of it.


  1. Love this idea! Your green wall is so fresh & herb like in color. I just love it!

  2. Glad you like my wall! I'm so glad I finally found this color because it took some real searching to find a green that wasn't too grey, limey or brown. This is exactly what I wanted...you know me, I have to have warm tones :).