Friday, May 6, 2011

Anyone for Fresh Produce?

Ever Tried a co-op?


When we lived at the U of U married housing, I belonged to the community food co-op and LOVED it!  I was really wishing I could be part of it still when my sister who lives in Bountiful, UT was talking about Bountiful Baskets and I was thinking “….blah blah…why don’t they have bountiful baskets here?” and then she mentioned that lots of other states have it and I realized what a dork I’ve been by not even checking it out.  So I finally checked out their website and found out that one of their drop-off sites is at the park right behind my house!

So now, I’m in LOVE with bountiful baskets.  You can spend $15 per basket (or $25 for certified organic") and you get all this produce!  They send you with 6 fruits and 6 vegetables per basket and you can actually order up to three baskets per week.  All of the produce is in season and as local as they can get it.  We have had to get a little creative when it comes to using some of the ingredients (like the time we got turnips) but it has really caused me to stretch as a cook as well.  Which really has been fun. 


  1. I love bountiful baskets too! It's fun to get so much fresh produce!!

  2. Lol! So when I talked on the phone you're thinking "Blah, blah, blah?" I knew it! J/k! :}