Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Sundaes

Did you know that more “Sundaes” are eaten on Saturdays?

The past week, I’ve been reading up on articles on how to save money and some of them have mentioned enjoying more “simple” activities as a family rather than worry about big events.  It’s a evil scheme of marketers to make you think that the only way to be happy and have a good time is by spending a lot of green.  So when my son was begging to go to the ice cream shop yesterday (something I dread because I’m lactose intolerant), I thought of doing something else:


Having our very own little ice-cream parlor!

My son was very excited when he came downstairs and saw my little display of ice cream and fixings and made an “order” right away. 

I had been delighted when I found that Fry’s now carries a reasonably priced dairy substitute ice cream that actually comes in a quart.  It was the same price as all the pints!  I got the boys two different kinds of ice cream and filled little custard cups full of blackberries, coconut, chocolate chips, jelly beans, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs—just random things that I had in my pantry.  You could also have hot-fudge (which I have a killer recipe for but didn’t take the time to make), caramel, marshmallow cream, or preserves…the options are only limited by what you have but the fun thing about what you have on hand is that you can make entirely new “flavors”.

IMG_8308 IMG_8312  IMG_8319    I love the look of delight on Christian’s face because he could have as many toppings as he wanted!

P.S. With the vanilla flavored “ice-cream” I had I used blackberries, graham cracker crumbs and coconut and it was sooo good!

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