Friday, May 6, 2011

German Chocolate Cake

For my Hubby’s birthday, I got the usual request for German Chocolate cake.  However, I did get a slightly unusual request to have it made in time for my husband to bring it to work with him the morning of his birthday (since it was a Friday) so we wouldn’t end up eating the entire thing  or at least the majority ourselves. 


Honestly, I thought this request a little odd since of course I wanted to sing to Jared on his birthday and usually, we’ve had cake in the evening after dinner.  This is why I made him sit and let us sing to him with his cake at 7 am right after the kids woke up and right before he left for work.IMG_8175

Every year I dread the German Chocolate cake request that I know is going to come from my husband (one year I didn’t ask him what he wanted because I knew what he was going to ask and really didn’t want to make German Chocolate).  I’m not even sure why he thinks that this is such a good cake.  I find that most people’s German Chocolate cakes are too dry and/or have so many nuts that it actually makes the texture too crunchy to pass for a good cake.

I love a fudgy chocolate cake but German has never been my favorite. I actually am allergic to walnuts so I was planning on using pecans except that I realized at the last minute that I had forgotten to pick some up from the store.  So I made him the German Chocolate frosting without the pecans and just added more coconut to account for the missing nuts.  I also torted it and filled it with chocolate pudding.  This made it extra moist and much more decadent than your average German Chocolate.

According to Jared’s co-workers, this is the best German Chocolate cake they’ve ever eaten.  I even thought it was good and I don’t like German Chocolate cake ;). 

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